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Gunnel Berry's Publications: 


‘Adapted Reflextherapy’ in ‘The Guru’s Guide to Reflexology’,

Ed Jane Sheehan, self-pub. UK, (2020).

‘Chronic Pain after Reported Whiplash Injury – a Patient Case Report’,

OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine Vol4Issue 1 (2019) doi: 10.21926/obm.icm.1901xxx.

‘Enuresis in Children - a Single Case Report using Adapted Reflextherapy to Facilitate Change'.

ECRONICON EC Paediatrics 7 (8) (2018).

‘Adapted Reflextherapy: Theory and Practice to Treat Musculo-Skeletal Pain’.

In Ed. Leon V.Berhardt Advances in Medicine and Biology, Vol 129, NOVA Science Publishers, New York (2018).

‘Whiplash: Risk Factors, Management and Long-term Effects’

In Ed. Leon V Berhardt Advances in Medicine and Biology, Vol 122, NOVA Science Publishers, New York (2017).

‘Adapted Reflextherapy: an Approach to Pain’,

Honeybee Books, Dorset (2017).

‘Persistent Pain State, Compromised Neural Plasticity and Reflextherapy’,

J of Nov Physiother 6: 301. doi:10.4172/2165-7025.1000301 (2016).

‘Report on a membership audit of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Reflex Therapy (ACPIRT)’,

Berry G, Svarovska B., Compl Ther in ClinPract 20(2014):pp172-77 (2014).

‘Reflextherapy in Context of Chronic Pain’.

Reflexology June (2011).

‘Adapted Reflextherapy for Pain – an alternative physiotherapy approach.’

In: Ed D Tiran P Mackereth, Clinical Reflexology - a guide for integrated practice. 2nd ed. . Churchill Livingstone-Elsvier (2011).

'Audit of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Reflextherapy'.

(ACPIRT) (2009).

'Reflextherapy in Scoliosis and Back Pain'.

Berry G, Nankivelli L., In: Backbone; Scoliosis Association (UK); Nov.79:p16-7. (2008).

‘Adapted Reflextherapy - A treatment for Spinal Pain and Whiplash Injury’,

FACT – Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies 12(11):p7 (2007).

‘Adapted reflextherapy and the Treatment of Back Pain’,

Footnotes. Scottish Institute of Reflexology, Sept: p22-24 (2005)

‘Clinical Reflexology – A Guide for Professionals’,

Physiotherapy; Dec. Review (2002).


Therapy Weekly; April 13; 9 (2000).

‘Beating the Odds’,

Therapy Weekly Jan13: p16 (2000).

‘Three Point Reflextherapy’,

ACPIRT Newsletter (3) 2; p32 (2000).

Gunnel Berry's Presentations: 

2019 Udy L, Berry G., 'Adapted Reflextherapy as a treatment for chronic neck pain: a randomised controlled pilot study', poster. North British Pain Association, Edinburgh Nov 2019.


2018 ‘Using Adapted Reflextherapy to Treat Low Back Pain’, Primary Care and Public Health,  Birmingham, NCE

2017 ‘Whiplash Injury: Science and Clinical Practice - Can we bridge the gap? ‘ Novel Physiotherapy Conference, Melbourne, Australia

2016 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Chronic Pain’- BIT’s 1st Annual World Congress of Modern Chinses Medicine, Nanjing, China

2016 ‘Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy – Adapted Reflextherapy - A novel remedy’  World Congress Midwifery and Women’s Health Atlanta USA

2016 ‘Pain in Children – 3 case studies’ Novel Physiotherapies, London

2015 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain including Whiplash’ Novel Physiotherapies,

Chicago, USA

2013 ‘Awareness Day’ in Reflextherapy/Reflexology, ACPIRT, Basingstoke

2012 Clinical Association in Reflexology, CAR. Annual Conference. Manchester

2011 British Reflexology Association, BRA Annual Conference. London

2009 Manchester Christie Hospital


2009 CSP - London

2007 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy’, Clinical Association in Reflexology Conference, Manchester

2007 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy - A treatment for spinal pain and whiplash injury’,

14th Ann Symposium on Complementary Health Care, Exeter University

2006 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Chronic Whiplash Injury’. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual Conference, Birmingham

2006 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain’. Scottish Institute of Reflexology, Annual Conference, Dunblane

2005 ‘The Feet and Their Story’. Podiatry Annual Conference. Basingstoke

2005 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain and Whiplash Injury’. Clinical Reflexology Conference, Christie Hospital, Manchester

2003 ‘Lower Limb Pain and Dysfunction in Adolescent Boys and Girls - Clinical reasoning and treatment’. WCPT Barcelona - platform presentation

2003 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Treatment of Whiplash Related Injuries - A case for adoption?’ WCPT Barcelona - poster

2003 ‘Intuition and Healing - Journey Exploring Solutions to Pain’. Scientific and Medical Network. East Wessex Group

2002 ‘Adapted Reflextherapy in Spinal Pain Including Whiplash’. Annual Conference of the Association of Physiotherapists in Reflextherapy, Leamington Spa

1999 ‘Reflexology - When All Else Fails?’ CSP Congress, Birmingham - poster 


M.Sc., M.C.S.P., Leg. sjukgymn, (Sweden), PostGradCert
Member of the Health Care Professional Council
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