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Gunnel Berry - Alternative Adapted Reflex Therapy Specialist


Gunnel Berry is keen to share her extensive clinical experience in pain treatment to the widest possible audience.


She has presented papers and courses in:

Australia, China, Greece, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA.

It's all about inspiring practitioners in Musculo-Skeletal pain to engage in rigorous research in AdRx to ascertain answers to unknown questions.

Gunnel Berry's Next Course

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Next Course


The aim of the AdRx courses are two-fold: 

1. To teach the practical skills and application of AdRx on the feet 

2. To provide a hypothesis of AdRx in relation to neural plasticity and fundamental principles of neural physiology after trauma 

Musculo-Skeletal pain is one of the most prevalent symptoms in the wider population and the mainstay of physiotherapy practice.


Millions of pain sufferers do not achieve pain relief and acute pain often graduates to chronic pain.


Gunnel has more than 40 years of clinical experience in treating patients with musculo-skeletal pain.

She has worked for the NHS and in private practice in the United Kingdom and further afield.

She is keen to present a hypothesis of neural adaptations and counter- irritability after trauma which is the philosophy applied to the development of ‘Adapted Reflextherapy, AdRx' - an adapted form of orthodox reflexology. She believes there is strength in clinical observations and wishes to compare her experience with other practitioners in the same field.

Gunnel offers learning programmes in the hypothesis and application of AdRx including workshops, lecturers or presentations.

AdRx aims to understand and deal with acute and chronic pain conditions as an alternate to existing interventions.

Fees are kept to a fair and reasonable level as the primary goal is to increase opportunities to improve patient outcome.

Gunnel Berry - Upcoming Courses for Adapted Reflextherapy to treat Spinal Pain including Whiplash 

Upcoming Courses: 

Adapted Reflextherapy to treat Spinal Pain including Whiplash 

These workshops are based in Hampshire but can also be booked for suitable locations on request. 

The courses are run as a 2-day workshop, organised and run by Gunnel Berry. They include theory and practical teaching of Adapted Reflextherapy, AdRx.


For more information please contact Gunnel Berry:


M.Sc., M.C.S.P., Leg. sjukgymn, (Sweden), PostGradCert
Member of the Health Care Professional Council
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